About Us

Founded by husband and wife Todd and Cath, Pittwater Chiro is not your standard chiropractor clinic. Located in Mona Vale, we provide a professional and friendly space, focused on bringing our patients the best tailored care while nurturing long-lasting relationships. Pittwater Chiro serves as a facilitator to better physical health and wellbeing. A consistent point of contact, a place people can always visit for health help and advice, with professionals using the latest scientific methods to allow clients to enjoy life to the fullest.

We are a growing chiropractic clinic in Mona Vale on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Pittwater Chiro (formerly Life Works Chiropractic) has been in business for nearly a decade. We use multiple modalities including manipulation, soft tissue work, cupping, dry needling and shock wave. We work hard to always offer our patients a warm and welcoming environment,  helping them feel comfortable and at ease to share the stories behind their injuries or pain. We aim to build and nurture a kind and caring relationship with all our clients. Our professionals create personalised evidence-based plans for pain reduction and increasing function. We support patients’ recovery, ensuring they can be doing what they love in no time.

Our History


Life Works Chiropractic was founded by Chiropractor Dr Matthew Poppleton in 2002 on the corner of Bungan Lane and Waratah Street in Mona Vale, Sydney. It was one of the inaugural chiropractic and wellness clinics in Mona Vale. Ever since, the clinic has serviced Mona Vale and the Northern Beaches through family, sports and rehabilitative chiropractic. We update our offerings and practices in line with the latest medical and chiropractic research, providing the best care for our clients and speeding the route to recovery.


In late 2014, Dr Poppleton handed over the reins to Life Works to his good friend and colleague, Dr Todd Stephenson. Together with Dr Braeden Melmer, Todd has continuously worked to keep the practice thriving and proudly providing the best physical health and wellbeing care to the families and residents of Mona Vale. In 2022, Todd’s partner Cath joined Life Works Chiropractic as a Practice Manager.


In 2023, Pittwater Chiro was born. Dr Jess Milsom, our third chiropractor, joined the team. The clinic expanded its reach within the local community, a dream co-owners Todd and Cath had always had. This led to their decision to rebrand and make the clinic truly their own, reflecting their vision, ethics and values. They wanted to have a brand that their community could identify with. Clean, direct, local, professional and modern.

Our Clinic

Located in the leafy heart of the Mona Vale CBD, our clinic offers patients a safe and welcoming space, somewhere they can come and share their stories. We have thought about and hand-picked every little detail in our space, aiming to provide the most positive experience for our clients. We do everything to ensure people leave feeling better after every single visit.

We are conveniently located within walking distance of the B1 bus stop. If you are driving, there are ample free public parking spaces on Bungan Lane, right across the road.

Inside Pittwater Chiro

Our Team

Pittwater Chiro is a group of forward-thinking chiropractors. We strive to help patients gain a deep understanding of their injuries, including the mechanisms and lifestyle factors that may have led to them. We create a personalised recovery path for everyone, with solutions based on the latest research and scientifically proven methods.

We come from various athletic backgrounds. So whether you are an elite athlete or any everyday local, we know what it takes to help you perform at your best.