Welcome to Pittwater Chiro

Founded by husband and wife Todd and Cath, Pittwater Chiro is not your standard chiropractic clinic. Located on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, it is a professional and friendly space, focused on bringing clients the best tailored care while nurturing long-lasting relationships.

Pittwater Chiro serves as a facilitator to better physical health and wellbeing. A consistent point of contact, a place people can always visit for health help and advice, with professionals using the latest scientific methods to allow clients to enjoy life to the fullest. 

“We offer our patients a safe and welcoming space where they can come and share their stories”, co-founder Cath says. 

An injury is so much more than physical pain. It affects all areas of life. Pittwater Chiro deeply understands that and invests the time needed to help their clients adjust and manage the change that physical pain can inflict. Clients spend a small fraction of their week in our clinic.

The majority of their time is spent at home, at work, anywhere they need to be. In order to facilitate proper recovery, clients have to learn how to manage their health and pain once they step out of the clinic’s door. 

The professionals at Pittwater believe in the importance of independence and are invested in guiding their patients on the healing journey. They teach clients techniques to improve their pain and injuries and minimise the impact on their everyday lives. 

Todd describes his vision for Pittwater Chiro: “I would like our clinic to be seen as the go-to space within our community to help families not only overcome acute injuries but as a place they seek when they need health support. We would love to help them feel better, move better and be better educated on how to accommodate their health needs without compromising on their lifestyle. We work to remove the fear that may be associated with injury and pain, which may have been weighing people down or stopping them from achieving their goals.”


The Rebrand

Pittwater Chiro has undergone a recent rebranding. Todd bought the company, formerly known as Life Works Chiropractic, in 2015. Today, Todd and Cath have decided to take this step to ensure the clinic reflects their values and make it fully their own. “We wanted to have a brand that our community could identify with. Clean, direct, local, professional and modern”, Todd says. 

Pittwater Chiro is built on compassion, equality, balance, empathy, freedom and curiosity. Cath and Todd are forever striving to make the clinic better. Their ethics are enshrined in everything they do.

They believe in transparent communication, actively prompting clients to make their own choices while offering professional opinions and support. 


Why the Northern Beaches?

When asked why they chose the Northern Beaches, Cath says with a smile,

“We love the Northern Beaches. We live in North Narrabeen and love the community feel. We chat with all our neighbours and everyone waves and smiles at each other. As owners of a chiropractic clinic, we run into patients all the time. But we love this! Little interactions like this make us feel at home and happy to be here.

The area also stunningly beautiful, with a gorgeous coastline that we can run along once a week. There are so many local parks where our kids, Max and Lena, happily play with others and can easily make new friends. I can’t wait to see what the next decade of life on the Northern Beaches brings us.”


Come say hello!

If you’d like to see the new branding and meet the team, you can book an appointment here.